Not all extra virgin olive oils are created equal. They are as different from each other as the olives from which they came. Sardinia is home to a handful of native olive varieties that over the centuries have so beautifully adjusted to our dry land and unforgiving climate: Bosana, Nera, Semidana, Ogliastrina, Manna, Olianedda and Pizz’e Carroga. Sardinian olive oil is as intense as the land it grows upon. The big brand names, and even some quaint-sounding , are often industrial blends of oils coming from the four corners of the Mediterranean.
Our olive oils are grown, harvested, milled and bottled exclusively in Sardinia.

Olive oil is the darling of dieticians the world over. A 1947 study discovered that the poor inhabitants of the island of Crete were far healthier than rich, well-fed and fat-happy British and Americans. It is the olive oil, they concluded.

Sardinians are the longest living people in the Mediterranean. You do the math.

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delicate and well balanced cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

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